15 things I learned while being 15

Because I’m 16 now, I thought it would be nice to look back on the past year and write down 15 things I learned while being 15 as you probably would’ve seen already!

1: Don’t be afraid to say no. Although not everyone sees it this way, no is just a normal answer to a question, as well as yes. Don’t do anything to please others if you’re not feeling good about it yourself, because it’s not going to help you in any way, unless it’s something you’re afraid of (you might not be afraid anymore if you do something you’re scared of). And also: don’t waste your time on people that don’t accept your ‘no’.

2: Some people will leave and some things will go wrong, even if you didn’t expect them to. This is alright because even if you don’t feel like it now, things will get better! Don’t focus too much on big things happening, cherish little things like nice walks or incredible looking sunsets, that’s how you’ll become happiest.

3: Don’t be sorry for your feelings. You can’t control them, therefore they’re not something you can consider as ‘your fault’. Some days you’ll be happy and some days you’ll feel like shit, but you need the bad days to be able to fully appreciate the good days!

4: When you think of a compliment in your head, don’t just let it be in your head. Compliment the other person because it might make their day.

5: Grades don’t measure your intelligence, but they’re super important. School is one of my biggest priorities right now but it used to be the other way ’round in my first 2 years of high school, now I wish I did better then because it would’ve helped me a lot.

6: You’re not (and never) too old to cry, there’s mostly a reason behind it which gives it importance and meaning. I don’t cry that often, but when I do it honestly makes me feel a bit better, like I’ve cried some of the sadness/worries out.

7: Not everyone has the same view on things and certainly not everyone is as mature as you are. This can cause misunderstandings, arguments and annoyance. Difference is a good thing, but sometimes I wish more people would see things/the world the way I do

8: Being positive is one of the most important things ever.

9: Just because someone else has it worse, doesn’t mean your problems/feelings don’t matter or that they’re nonsense. You can’t help what you’re feeling and there’s always going to be someone who has it worse. If you’re struggling with something, then you are, and struggling is never a nice thing.

10: If you have to convince someone to love you, then it’s not worth it. If you have to convince someone to keep loving you, then it’s already too late. You shouldn’t have to beg.

11: Although school is really important, mental health is way more important. Don’t ever forget that.

12: Not everything and everyone is going to be your version of perfect or as you’ve imagined it/them. Flaws make things interesting and I think there’s always going to be something about every person that you won’t like. Accept that not so nice part of someone as you probably have one yourself as well.

13: Do the things you want to do, even if you’re a little scared (it’s a normal thing to be scared!). It’s better to have a life full of ‘I can’t believe I did that’ than ‘I wish I would’ve done that’.

14: Not everything is going to be easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. Usually the difficult things turn out to be the best things.

15: And last but not least: I’ve learned that in my opinion, being honest with your feelings towards other people is important. Being in love isn’t something you should be ashamed of, love should be something beautiful, not something you can embarrass others with. I wish people would just tell each other ‘I miss you’, ‘I’m in love with you’ or even things like ‘I’m interested in you and I think you’re a really nice person’. We usually tell each other or find out when it’s too late or not the right time.


Coldplay concert

On the 23th of June I finally saw Coldplay live in Amsterdam! I posted photos on Instagram and 2/3 people asked me to write about my day and of course the concert itself, so here you go!


I had been waiting for this day for such a long time! But the good thing is is that you get more and more excited every day, right? On the actual day I unfortunately still had to go to school so I left at like 3pm. My dad picked me up and when we got to the train station, the first train we had to catch was the only one that wasn’t delayed during the ENTIRE day. It was quite a hot day as well so traveling wasn’t the greatest thing, but it was definitely worth it! I always love when concerts are in Amsterdam because I just really like that city. It’s always busy but sometimes it’s too busy. Especially when there are like 3 concert halls being used in one night, which means around 100,000 people being there. I guess you can imagine the chaos on the highways and railways with so many people having to get there and return home again at night. Coldplay performed at the Amsterdam Arena, it’s the biggest stadium in the Netherlands (approximately 51,000 people fit in there).

We finally got there around 6:15pm and both my dad and I were really hungry. The queues for restaurants were so long and we wouldn’t be able to get inside the stadium before the support act started if we were going to wait in line. In the end we settled on a cheeseburger you can always get from those small food tents, it was pretty good. After ‘dinner’ we went inside and at 6:45pm Alessia Cara started performing, she’s got an amazing voice and I think she’s beautiful too. Lianne La Havas was good as well but I’m not really a fan of the music she makes. By the time Lianne finished, the stadium was pretty full already which made me even more excited.


Before we went into the venue we received a wristband and a button. Everyone had to put the wristband on and these wristbands create multiple flash and colour patterns. Every single person who’s got their wristband on automatically has their own flashlight. They’re radio controlled so this way no one has to worry about holding their phones up and stuff because you’ve got a flashlight already (who doesn’t love multi coloured flashlights?). They flash colours during certain songs which makes the crowd look absolutely beau-ti-ful. You might know what I mean if you went to the Mylo Xyloto tour or if you’ve seen them the 23th or 24th of June like me.

Now one of my favourite parts of a concert must be when the lights go down and everyone starts cheering and screaming. It’s the most intense moment to me because you know the artist could come on stage any second. It’s nerve wrecking but SO exciting!

I was sat in the back so I didn’t have the best view but that’s what big screens are for. They had a long catwalk as an extension of the main stage and they also played 2 songs on a small stage closer to my seat.

The setlist was so good but it would’ve been perfect if they put Ink and Hurts Like Heaven on the setlist as well. My favourites were Amazing Day, Princess of China, Viva La Vida and Fix You. I also really liked the happy songs like Adventure of a Lifetime and Paradise because they used balloons, fireworks and confetti and it all just looked so incredible.

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The last song on the setlist was Up & Up. I love this song a lot but the reason why it isn’t in my favourites is because I only heard the first verse so I don’t really know what it sounded like live. We had to leave during the last song because otherwise it would’ve been incredibly busy at the train station if we left at the very end. Imagine 51,000 people leaving at once, that’s not really gonna work. While waiting for the train to arrive my wristband kept flashing colours, which obviously meant they were still performing ):

My dad and I ended up standing in the train pressed against other people for so long and I was glad when I got home at 1:15am, I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired before. The next day I also woke up with a massive sore throat but it’s all worth it to me when you get to go to awesome concerts.

Sometimes I still refuse to believe my favourite artists are real people until I see them live. During the concert I go ‘WAIT, THEY’RE REAL’ and after the concert I go back to refusing again. It’s just so weird to think they’re real, as they’re so incredibly talented and you only see them through your phone or computer screen. I kind of have a fear of meeting/seeing my favourite artists in real life, like face to face, because what if you don’t recognise them? That would be the biggest disappointment ever!

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Comment down below which concerts you’ve been to so far (and maybe who you’re going to see live soon), I wanna know!