The one thing we all search for

Most people see love and relationships as something that’s always going to be amazing, something magical. I think there’s much more to it than just that. It’s trust, passion, honesty, loyalty, patience, faith, forgiveness, support and compassion. It’s not going to stay as easy as it starts off as and it requires two people who are willing to put in loads of effort. It should be work coming from both sides if you want it to be balanced and steady.

The first weeks/months are always dreamy, just like they’re supposed to be. They’re all hugs, kisses and sweet words, these weeks usually pass without arguments, fights or hard times. But I feel like after a while, you really start to get to know the other person. Some people aren’t ready for this or a relationship like this, they give up on it after it starts to become tough. This is the point where you slowly start showing each other not only good sides but bad sides as well, the point where you can start loving more of each other and the point where you grow more and more comfortable with each other. And you can feel all of it. You notice each others flaws, hurt each other unintentionally, arguments happen, you get to difficult conversations that will make you cry and sad. You also get to the deep conversations that make you learn a lot about each other. Maybe you’ll get each other angry, maybe you’ll scream at each other. All of this is where the real magic happens to me: you can see someone at their worst and still think they’re the best. You’re able to love more and more parts of the other person, you can slowly learn to love every single piece of them. And you can feel your bond getting stronger than ever, you get less and less afraid to show yourself.

Knowing everything about a person and loving them anyway is so beautiful. You get to love their heart and soul, you completely pour yourselves into each other. But it’s a long way and it takes a lot of effort and courage to get there. I’ve never been the kind of person to give up easily and when I love, I love passionately. If you work and fight for it then you’ll get something out of it. A love where you don’t feel like turning the lights out to hide because you know you’re comfortable, and a love where the other person makes you believe home is not a place but a feeling. As I said, it’s not always going to be amazing and magical, but you can create something pretty close to that together if you’re both willing to.


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