A week away

Last week my family and I stayed in a bungalow in Hooghalen, a small place towards the north of the Netherlands. Staying in a bungalow has become a yearly thing to my family. Because I finally bought my new camera the week before, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try/use it. I really like the quality and how flexible it is! I only have a smaller lens for my camera right now, but zooming in on photos on my laptop or phone doesn’t make the quality any worse, which I love. I wanted to share some of the photos I took with you guys and I thought this would go well together with something like a diary.

Day 1: Friday the 29th

After a 2,5 hour car ride we arrived at our destination. I really don’t mind being in the car for so long, in fact, I love it. Listening to good music and staring out of the window is quite relaxing to me, it also gives me time to think about things. Car rides just always seem to give me a positive mindset as well, no matter what mood I’m in before I get in the car.

It’s always kind of a surprise what the bungalow looks like, so when we opened the door, everyone immediately started exploring the house and where every room was located. Everybody seemed to like it and the bedrooms were bigger than we expected them to be. They were pretty cute, they even looked a little vintage. After dinner we went for a little walk, I wanted to take my camera with me but then I found out that I stupidly left my charger at home! I only had 1 bar of battery left and I couldn’t take any more pictures since I already took some of the bungalow, so I decided to buy one in town the next day.

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Day 2: Saturday the 30th

In the morning we all had breakfast together (we’ve done this the entire week and I really liked it because normally everyone wakes up on different times which means we don’t get to do that, this week everyone woke up around 9-10). The afternoon consisted of (food) shopping: first we (my mum and stepdad, my grandma and I) went grocery shopping, then we went into town to buy a charger for my camera and after that we all just got distracted in multiple random stores. We ended up getting some food and iced coffee. When we got home we played some badminton, which I absolutely love, although I’m not the best at it. But it’s just so much fun when you play it with people who are just as weird as you are!

After we had dinner, we went for quite a long walk through corn fields, meadows and woods (with my charged camera this time!). There were so many pretty flowers, we walked past some horses and we jumped over ditches. Even my grandma jumped over a ditch, it was so funny!

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Day 3: Sunday the 31th

On Sunday we went to ‘Kamp Westerbork’, this used to be a concentration camp during World War II. We got a guided tour through the camp grounds, where you could see the remainders of the camp itself, the reconstructions and monuments. I find these things really interesting, history is also one of my favourite subjects in school. I didn’t take my camera because I found it disrespectful in some way, I don’t know why but it just didn’t feel right.

These camps get to you so much because not only are you able to hear even more history than you’ll hear at school, you’re also able to see things; you can see the remainders, even touch them, you can see found objects like archaeological finds and other stuff the people lost or left behind. Seeing things just makes it much more real and you feel so much more confronted. If you’re interested in these things, going here is definitely something I recommend, as well as going to ‘Kamp Vught’, where you’re able to see even more (in my opinion).

Day 4: Monday the 1st

We woke up to not having WiFi until Wednesday morning, and to be honest, it wasn’t that bad really! I mean, it’s nice to be able to communicate with people when you’re on the other side of the country, but WiFi isn’t everything. We went bowling in the afternoon and it was so much fun, my stepdad won the first game and I nearly won the second one, but my stepbrother overtook me in the last round by just 3 points!

In the evening my grandma and I went for a walk (yes, again, I love walks), the sun was out and it was pretty nice. She asked if she could take some pictures of me while I was feeding the horses. After I showed her the pictures she took, she was like ‘I’m gonna have to make this my hobby now!’ and it was so cute, she was really proud of them.

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Day 5: Tuesday the 2nd

This was probably the sportiest day I’ve had ever since my summer break started! After breakfast my stepbrother and me immediately started playing badminton, around lunch time we had a small tea & coffee break and when everyone except for my grandma and me left to either go food shopping or swimming, the two of us played badminton for another 2 hours. When everyone got back home I continued playing badminton with my stepbrother and sister and after that we went to some sort of nature reserve where the animals living there just roamed loose. They didn’t really come near you though, which was too bad.

Guess what I did after dinner? You can probably fill that in yourself by now!

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Day 6: Wednesday the 3rd

We planned on playing midget golf today in a city close to where we stayed, but the weather just didn’t seem to agree with us. It started getting less rainier towards the end of the afternoon, so we decided to go shopping instead (which I also looove). I bought some things from the Body Shop, a top and a short from H&M, and well I didn’t want to, but I ended up with the body mist Passion Struck by Victoria’s Secret as well (it smells incredible!). We finished off our shopping trip at a snackbar called Burger Queen. If you were wondering, the food tasted as good as Burger Queen sounds.

Day 7: Thursday the 4th

Our last full day here. We got up at 8:30 to go to the zoo which I was SO excited about, I love animals a lot. I had no idea what it was going to be like because I’d never been there, but it turned out to be quite cool! You had 3 zones: the first zone was like a jungle, the second one was based on wildlife and the third one was focused on animals living in really cold areas. In the jungle zone you could walk through big, tropical gardens (it was really hot and muggy in there) and there were 2 ‘gardens’ that I liked the most. In one of them there were butterflies flying around and in the other one there were parrots. It was a bit scary at first because they would both just sit on your head, but it was so much fun. A parrot sat on my head in the morning and when we went back to the butterfly garden later that day, a yellow butterfly landed on my head as well.

I loved that zoo even more than an average one because you could get so close to most of the animals. I’ve had a giraffe like 1 meter away from me, I could even feed it! The zoo (Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen) has been there for a long time but they renewed it not too long ago, if you were planning on going there sometime, it’s definitely worth the money!


On Friday we went home again, we left at 10am and it literally took us about 5 hours to get to my grandma’s house because we were stuck in traffic for so long. A truck crashed because it suddenly started raining like someone sitting in the clouds held their pee for like 10 years and then decided that it would be nice to release it all at once, gotta love our climate! This obviously caused a massive traffic jam.

Anyways, comment down below where you’re going on holiday or where you’ve been to, I’d like to know! I’m going to Spain with my dad and sister on the 27th of August. I hope you all have a lovely summer break!

Love, Kaylee


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