An introduction

Hi there! Another blogger? Yes, I’ve been planning to start blogging for a while, so here I am. This is mostly going to be a new way for me to fully share my adventure pictures & stories with more people, so the only thing I’m hoping for so far is that people are actually going to enjoy them. Most of the time my ‘adventures’ are just near home because I only travel like once a year, but that shouldn’t really mean any less fun. Being able to go outside, having friends you share interests with and owning a camera/phone is the only thing you really need. Here’s what you’ve got to know about me:

I’m Kaylee and I’m 15 years old, turning 16 in less than three months. I’m from the (rainy) Netherlands and 99% of the time I wish I lived somewhere else, I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love travelling so much. I don’t travel that often, I just have huge wanderlust. I’m quite passionate about photography and I have a big love for things such as sunsets and sunrises, adventures, making people smile, poems, quotes, writing and drawing. I feel like flowers are one of the nicest things ever too.

The people that inspired me to do this are Zoë Sugg and Poppy Deyes, I just love them and their blogs (and videos of course) so much and they made it seem like so much fun. I’ve been putting the idea of blogging off for a while because I feel like the people here can sometimes be a little judgmental which I find hard from time to time, but I decided I don’t really care anymore. Doing things I like has become much more important to me than what people think when I do them.

I’m excited to go outside again and do something fun very soon so I can create a first actual blog post, I hope there’ll be people tagging along with me in my blogging journey!

Love, Kaylee (@idkimkaylee on Instagram)


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